Writing and Poetry Workshop

Writing and Poetry Workshop

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Collapsing the Barriers with Lewis Buxton

A Writing and Poetry Workshop providing a safe space to explore memories and feelings around love, loss, hurt and hope with no pressure to take part in activities that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Bring a friend if you feel more comfortable to do that or, if you’re coming alone and want someone to wait for you outside we can arrange that so you don’t have to walk in by yourself.

No transport – let us know – we’ll pick you up.

Dyslexic or don’t spell well and worried someone will notice – this won’t be an issue – we get it

Worried you aren’t creative enough – we worried about that too – you will be – Lewis makes it so simple – it really is for beginners.

Too shy to talk in a group? There will be time to read out some of the things you have written should you wish to, but there won’t be time for everyone to do this, so there’s no pressure to speak aloud if you don’t want to.

Worried you might cry if you talk about how much it still hurts? You might, but so might everyone else, in fact it’s highly probable that any of us will, but you will be among other people who are also grieving, so we will understand. And we will bring

tissues. We will probably laugh as well, and maybe feel a little guilty about that, but that’s OK too.

Will I be the only man there? Will I be the only young/old person there?

What to wear, what to bring, where will I park, how accessible is the venue? Where can I park? what should I expect?

Easy to book but if you have any concerns or questions about the day you can email Lucy Coote  or call her on 07753 299925. There’s no such thing as a silly question.

“Sometimes language can’t hold our emotions, but sometimes it gets pretty close.”

Lewis Buxton

Praise for Lewis and the workshop

I thought Lewis was interesting and informative. I liked him and felt I would like to attend another of his events.

I liked every activity we did, as I feel each one explored something different.

I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and felt it made me think, so that was great.

It was a fabulous price for what was provided and I think that meant I was willing to attend to 'give it a go'.

I would certainly attend a similar event in the future.

Deeply resonant, heart rending and yet uplifting.

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