Whilst every effort is made to ensure all details are correct at time of publication errors do occur and not all shows are confirmed and therefore cannot be published.

This page details any changes to the current printed programme.

Poetry Group -  This group meets at 1pm rather than 12pm as listed in the printed programme.

Wednesday 12th October - Aida - This performance is at 6.45pm rather than 7.30pm.

Saturday 15th October - My Neighbour - This performance has been cancelled. 

Wednesday 19th October - Ukelele Concert - In the centre of the printed programme, 'At a Glance' incorrectly shows the date as the 18th.

Saturday 5th November - Greek Firework Night - This event has been cancelled.


Wednesday 16th November - The Artex Function - This show has a rating of PG and not U as in the printed programme.