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A live performance of music from Crosby Stills Nash & Young: remarkable music

from a remarkable time.

The Marrakesh Express are John Butler, Keith Buck, and Adam Ellis. Together thesethree great voices deliver a note perfect performance of some of the finest harmonysinging in all music. Telling the story of the formation of this super group and including songs from The Hollies, The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield, the

band take the audience back to a time of protest, revolution, dropping out, and making great

music. This is the only show of its kind, and a truly brilliant night’s entertainment.

“The Byrds for me are more important than the Beatles, and David Crosby is the last

word in rhythm guitar playing.” John Butler (Diesel Park West, Marrakesh Express)

“If there are any better bands than this in Britain today I’d like to hear them.” The Evening Standard.