Folk Festival Workshop - DADGAD Guitar

Emmanuel Church Room 2, Saturday 7 Sep 2024, 11:30  - ends at 12:30

Venue: Emmanuel Church Rooms, Boyscott Lane, NR35 1DG

Host: Darren Bidle

An introduction to backing Folk Tune in DADGAD.

DADGAD style guitar accompaniment is a staple component of modern Celtic music.

This workshop will allow you to explore the basics of this tuning. Focusing on ‘The Silver Spear’, we will explore the theory of chord structure and explore the strumming

patterns that can provide a simple but effective backing.

Darren plays guitar with Ceilidh band Stumpy Oak and in Celtic sessions across East Anglia.

You will need a guitar, a plectrum and the ability to strum basic chords.

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