The Pillowman (18)

Auditorium 115 Plan, Thursday 13 Jun 2024, 19:30  - ends at 22:00

With two children already murdered and a third just gone missing, a writer is brought in for questioning by the police in an Eastern European totalitarian state.

The victims were killed in identical manner to his stories. They need to find and save the missing child fast and will do whatever it takes - even kidnapping the writer’s brother…

Oscar Winning writer Martin McDonagh's (Banshees of Inisherin, Three Billboards, Seven Psychopaths) early, audaciously funny, breath-taking, heart-breaking play keeps twisting to the very end with its extraordinary story and stories within that.

14-7 Theatre previously premiered BAFTA nominated Writer Director John Hales’ new play THE RESPONSE at the Seagull and Soho theatres with Arts Council England.

This production of The Pillowman also features puppetry and live folk violin by Mario Price with a leading cast of Charlie Randall, Thom Bailey and Mark Finbow.

Only suitable for Adults: Sexual assault, violence, self-harm, language - it's a Martin McDonagh play…

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