In Conversation With Tom Parfitt

Auditorium 126 Plan, Thursday 2 May 2024, 19:30  - ends at 21:00

An Evening with Tom Parfitt, author of 'High Caucasus'

Author and Moscow correspondent for The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph for twenty years, Tom Parfitt will be in discussion with Victoria Drew-Batty about his recently published book 'High Caucasus', in which he describes his 1,000 mile walk across the mountainous North Caucasus region of southern Russia.

During his extraordinary journey, Tom crossed the ethnic, religious and political faultlines of seven Russian republics, including Chechnya and Dagestan - walking through bear-haunted forests, circling some of Europe's highest peaks and finding companionship with local people along the way.

Tom will reflect on his personal motives for undertaking the journey, Russia’s imperial past in the region and comparisons between the wars in the North Caucasus and the Ukraine of today.

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