Thruppeny Tales (12+)

Auditorium 115 Plan, Friday 5 Apr 2024, 19:30  - ends at 20:40

Roll up, roll up! Feast your eyes on stories of supernatural magick, bold highway women, and dark creatures that lurk in the shadows of London. Thrupenny Tales is an improvised gothic tale inspired by Victorian penny dreadfuls like Sweeney Todd.

Buy yourself a ticket to the Thrupenny Tales and join The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences for a sensational comedy drama which is designed to be seen by one audience on one-night only...

Likely to have some ‘demonic’ aspects, mention of ouija boards etc. May make mention of prostitution/paying for sex, but ‘cartoon’ in nature, rather than explicit.

Suitable for 12+ age group.

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