Auditorium 115 Plan, Thursday 24 Mar 2022, 19:30  - ends at 21:27

A dark Danish comedy from the director of FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD.  A group of friends, all disgruntled teachers, become interested in an unconventional suggestion made by the influential Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skarderud that we are all born with an insufficient blood alcohol level.  When the colleagues decide to test the thesis, the experiment goes so well that they decide to increase their blood alcohol further, experiencing a journey of self-discovery with both tragic and uplifting consequences.  From this unpromising, but intriguing premise comes a film that has won the all best foreign film awards this year, as well as best actor awards for its star, the ever-watchable Mads Mikkelsen (CASINO ROYALE and THE HUNT).

Denmark/Sweden 2020.  

In Danish and Swedish with English subtitles.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg.  Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen and Magnus Millang.

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